Red Lantern • 39 Stanhope Street, Boston MA 02116 617-262-3900

Our Story

Our Philosophy

Dining at Red Lantern should be an experience. The unique ambiance, the scent of Asian inspired ingredients filling the room, the energy of the open kitchen overflowing into the dining room…that’s what makes dining with us a meal you will never forget. We want to ensure that when you sit down to dine at Red Lantern, were delivering a top-notch product that’s backed by a top-notch team each and every time.

Dining Experience

Our modern take on Asian cuisine
Each item on our menu is made using the most authentic and fresh ingredients Boston has to offer. With each bite, we want your tastebuds to feel like they’re on vacation and experiencing what the Asian culture is all about, great food. Whether you visit Red Lantern for our amazing sushi or to celebrate over sake, we love having you join us for an amazing dining experience.